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Hello!  Can I invite you for a special service tomorrow, May 1st tagged "MUSIC & MIRACLES, with EBEN, MK, Alabaster, Don Praisy and Rev Dammy Timothy (UK)? If yes then please bring someone a long and read through. Do you need a Miracle in any area of your life?  Is there anything you are Trusting God for?  I am  inviting you specially for MUSIC & MIRACLES featuring EBEN, MK, DON PRAISY, PRINCE  ALABASTER, TRI...on Wednesday 1st of May, 5:00pm at DCC, Fagbems Bus Stop Amuwo.  Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo will be ministering along side Rev. Dammy Timothy(UK).  Plan to  attend, invite family and friends, you will be so Blessed...08077714411.   VENUE  Davids Christian Centre (DCC) Fatgbems Bus Stop, Behind Nepa office Amuwo/ Mile 2..  Its gonna be an awesome time in Gods presence. Hey, don't say I didn't tell you. Call me  just in case you miss your way on +234 8028356363, +234 8077714411 Arugbo Ojo   is the debut single of   hugel


WHAT A GIRL WANTS! Need I say more, its a special weekend this time, O what a night is the theme song on my mind all through Friday evening. What a girl wants? shopping! Yes! THANKS TO SHOES BY BBOTTI SHOE WORLD   OH VIEN007, YOU REALLY COULDN'T JUST PASS BY COULD YOU, LOLL, I HAD A WHOLE MALL STARING AT ME, GUESS THE SKIN TONE GAVE ME AWAY AS HUMAN AND NOT MANIKIN  I AND CHOCOBERRY Had the breathing exercise of life and speaking of that, the new video by Blink, "Of Life" dropped on Friday evening while I was shopping with Francis Bond and Chocoberry (a new found friend who seems to know the true confession of a shopper-hollic). We intended to see a movie at the mall but ended up at Foschini, and did all the shopping in the world, thanks to Francis Bond (we literally did as P Square, May D and Akon sang, "Chop Your Money", rather eat his money, laughing hard.). According to my ice- cream intake alert, my tank is ful


Let me start by saying, holy molly! Jayz is really the father of Blue Ivy, see why its good not to play around, laughing hard, this child is a splitting image of both of them and haven said that, say hello to to my little split persona, Vian, yes, I decided not to go anywhere, and this is my official T.G.I.F special where I tell "all". RAPPER, JAYZ AND DAUGHTER, BLUE IVY First up, Pastor Mildred is finally out with the word of our speculation, she is 4 months pregnant (Halleluya), and yes, it sure is one big secret out now (technically, you can not hide a baby bump so, its good she told us before I blogged about it). And, there is a new artist who is blowing my mind at the moment (what?, I said every detail will be out, so here it is), FRANCIS BOND After so long a time, I heard a joint that felt like fresh air. Its a song about Lagos and surely you're gonna fall in love with this one. Superb vocals and on-point beats. Let me introduce you to Francis Bond, Lag


The Ultimate Life Summit is for the teen interested in learning the PROVEN habits and skills of SUCCESS in a FUN, INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING setting. Summit participant must be: 13-19 years of age at the time of the summit, fluent in English, Open-minded and willing to learn, willing to fully participate, interested in entrepreneurship, career exploration, financial success and/or personal achievement, Prepared to ask questions, Excited to meet new friends with like-minded interests and ready to take actions in order to live their dreams. 5th annual Ultimate Life Summit Walt Disney, Orlando Florida, July 13th - 20th. A unique experience for teens that combines Disney World fun with amazing life skills with a mission to challenge students thinking to develop a global perspective of the world and their role in it. For  more details, do call, +234 8098772213 or +234 7063462970 E-mail, , Bamidele V. Os


VIAN ? PRESENT  PLEASE! She is back! Want to know more about her, then hold your breath, because the dirty little secrets will finally be told here on this space, I am the other side of Vien, and trust me, this is the side that takes no nonsense, crap or bull. This lady tells all!(Everyone gets hurt in the middle of my T.G.I.F article, or better still, lets hope I am gone before tomorrow, else, there will be some critical damages on display here and I will hold nothing back (Absolutely nothing), you heard!). VIEN? LEAVING THE BUILDING... The devil you know is better than the saint you don't know is more of this story, life gives you several chances to get it right, but if you fail to, then it will leave you in shambles, but not this time, I(Vian), has decided to help Vien break free, else people will keep pushing her to the edge (Tu Face has sang it, now its time to do it.), I wanna be free, free like a bird, oh I thought you heard, that I don't like trouble but l


World War One One of only two wars to make this list, this one does because of the hideous speed at which hostilities escalated in 1914, and because there is no single villain to blame. Humanity in general is to blame for this one. In retrospect, it appears as if every country in Europe was harboring a festering hatred for one another, and everyone was looking for an excuse to invade. The act that touched it off was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este, by Gavrilo Princip, whose motive was no more complicated than a desire to prove his bravery to the Serbian army, which had rejected him for being too small and weak. Almost every nation in Europe had a treaty with another nation, and these treaties all said the same thing: if anyone attacks you, we’ve got your back. Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia, which prompted Russia to declare war on Austro-Hungary, which prompted Germany and Italy to declare war on Russia, which prompted the United Kingdom and

WEEKEND SPECIAL 16 Amber and Ruby, Oyinsan Twins Named.

Lets start with the Photos Photo for today, a little laughter does heal the soul off heart ache. MEN!!! THIS IS HOW ALL 3 PRESENTERS ON SPORTS CITY AT CITY FM BULLIED US WITH THEIR MAN CHESTER UNITED PROPS, LOLL Where do I start from now? Is it a crime to be distant from unwanted friends? now some folks are testing me, but guess what, it doesn't matter. Unlike Wyclef John and The Rock song, "it doesn't matter", what matters to me the most is the fact that I am so happy beyond belief, I finally got a female friend that will let me use her car to learn how to drive (is she serious? I can barely move 10 kilo meters, still have no idea as for the reason why she even agreed to give it to me but oh well, I better use it now that I can eh.). Friday and I was still angry that Shosleek left me stranded at the office the day before which was his birthday, but he and I are cool right about now (it took cake from Shop Rite to do that, the cake which I did not eve